7+ Best Fitness and Health Apps (Free) for Android

It is a fact that Android mobile OS is used by many people. It is easy for app developers to make Android apps, and this is why you will find a plethora of them in any single category. If you are a fitness enthusiast, it is easy to take advantage of these fitness apps to maximize your output through the right guidance.
Being an Android user is an added advantage since you will get a big pool of them to choose what suits you best. If you are wondering what the best is for you, we have a list of the most popular fitness apps for Android Smartphones.


Fitbit - Best Fitness App
Fitbit – Best Fitness App

This app will always appear on the list of the best fitness and health apps for a reason. It is an app that is designed to work with a series of other fitness tools like Fitbit scales and other monitors. It will track your daily activities and the number of calories that you burn.

While downloaded on your Android phone, you can also connect it to wearable gear for ease of access when you are running or exercising at the gym. The is a good fitness android app for people who want to lose weight, add muscles, and stay vibrant all day long.

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Noom Weight Loss Coach

Noom Coach - Best Android Fitness App

This health cum fitness app has now become very popular among people who have been struggling to lose weight. It is highly customizable to suit the needs of different people. The best part is that it motivates you to keep working hard on your goals by assigning scores.

The daily scores are easy, but you have to be consistent to get the results. You can checkout the Best SmartWatches to Buy in Under 5000 and keep a record on your health.

Headspace App

HeadSpace - Best Health and Fitness App for Free

Your mind is an important part of your health. Thus, it must always be checked to make sure that all is well. Luckily, the Headspace app will track your mind, body, and soul health and guide you on how to maintain them at their optimum. If you are on mental medication, the app will also come in handy to help you with this. Download it today to get tips on the best exercises to promote brain growth, reduce stress, and also manage any mental health-related challenges.

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MyFitnessPal App

MyFitnessPal - Fitness App for Android

This app often appears on the list of the best. It is easy to use whether you want to lose weight, tone the skin, or grow massive muscles and abs. Even people who use fitness supplements from reliable sellers like SteroidsFax consider this app very useful. If you are planning to track your exercises and diet on a daily basis, look no further as MyFitnessPall app will not disappoint you in any way.

Google Fit

Google Fit - Android Fitness App
Google Fit – Android Fitness App

As we all know, Google makes some of the most detailed and successful apps in the world. This fitness app is useful for any health and fitness enthusiast. You can easily integrate it with wearables as you hit the track or gym. For many people, the most interesting part is that you can customize your workout and monitor the progress. With such an app, staying fit even on the go is very easy.

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SleepBot – Sleep Cycle Alarm App

SleepBot - Fitness Apps for Android Freee

It is no-brainer that sleep is vital for your health. If you do not get the best pattern, then your days will not be as productive as they should be. This Android app looks to solve this by creating sleeping cycles with alarm alerts. It goes further to suggest the best sleeping patterns and their possible benefits. The catch is that your phone should be near you. According to health and fitness experts, such apps are highly recommended for anyone who wants to enhance their sleep patterns.

Instant Heart Rate App

Instant Heart Rate - Best App for Fitness

Cardio health goes hand in hand with fitness. People work hard to make sure that they keep their heart healthy to avoid illnesses like heart attacks and stroke. With this app, you are completely sorted. It measures the pulse when you bring your finger close to the camera. Thus, you will know when there is a problem and can take the necessary action.

With these apps, your health and fitness status will always be at its peak. Since there are many others, you can weigh the options to see which one works best for you.

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