8 Best Tips to Save on Hosting & Domain Renewals

With the wake of digitization, it has become crucial for businesses to have their online presence which is possible through their online websites. Even a freelancer today needs website to showcase his profile and work done by him. Today one can buy a domain name at the cheapest price but the money is doubled up during its renewal. But if you work smartly you can save on hosting and domain renewals. Here we have incorporated 8 tips that can help you to save on hosting and domain renewals.

  1. Get Free Domain from Hosting Provider

Most of the hosting provider companies such as BigRock and Hostgator provide free domains with hosting. Which means you will get the domain name within your package. This will save your money which you would invest in buying a domain name separately. Make sure you choose the best company that offers this service that too without charging extra.

  1. Transfer Your Domain to a New Domain Provider

This is one of the common strategies to save on hosting and domain renewals. When you sign up with a domain providing company they provide you the best and cheapest packages. However, after a few months or a year, they tend to raise their prices. By opting for a new domain company you would not have to pay the raised price instead you might get the cheaper package at another domain provider.

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  1. Grab Occasional Offers and Deals

For this, you have to do detailed research and wait for the right time. In order to woe a potential client each company introduces special offers and deals on occasions likes Diwali, New Year, etc. All you have to do is compare all the deals, offers and promo codes and use the best offer through which you get a maximum discount. For this, you have to keep an eye on all the occasional deals and offers.

  1. Use Coupon Codes

Many hosting companies such as Hostgator, Inmotion, BigRock, etc.  provide coupon codes that you can utilize to save the extra penny.

Check all BigRock coupon codes for renewing hosting from here https://pbnguru.com/bigrock-coupon/ or from BigRock coupons and avail a reasonable discount. You can easily find the latest coupon and promo codes on Google or visit an online coupon site to get the best coupons.

  1. Take Multiple Years Plan

Instead of renewing your plan and investing extra penny it is advisable to take a multiple years plan. Look for a domain provider that provides you the domain for a couple of years and does not ask you to renew the plan again and again. This will save huge money. During the period, many companies also offer unbelievable renewal offers which are also a good way to save your money and reap the benefits. But if you are not happy with its service you can always think of transferring your domain.

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  1. Do not opt for Extra Services

Some companies provide extra services and thus, ask for a huge amount for hosting and domain renewals. To avoid this, do not take extra services or the once that are of no use to you. If you think the services are important you can avail them later during an offer or deal. It is very important to select the best Webhosting and domain hosting company, make sure you do complete research for your site and compare all the prices and services the company is offering to you.

  1. Join Affiliate Programs

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Why you would need to pay for hosting when you can earn from it. Yes, you read it right. You can easily earn by associating yourself with web hosting affiliates programs and promote them at your level. You can let your friends or family to buy the hosting or persuade others through different social media platforms. Though it’s not easy as it seems to be, you can always try your luck and it might work in your favor.

  1. Do not pay extra

As discussed above it is very important to find a credible webs hosting company that is transparent and does not cost hidden charges or for the services you have not taken. Before locking a company look for its online reviews and services it has to offer. Make sure you do not fall prey to any of their ill strategies and, end-up paying more rather than saving.


Money saved is equivalent to money earned! Web and domain hosting are essentials for all types of businesses; one should be smart enough to save his money and get the maximum benefit from it. In this blog, we have curated 8 easy tricks that you can follow to save your money on hosting and domain renewals.

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