10 Best Cooling Apps To Prevent Overheating On Android Smartphone

The biggest issue in smartphones if you are a heavy user is overheating. It is because of the increased battery temperature. This annoying issue is faced by many Android and iOS users.

If you are annoyed because of your Android/iOS phone’s battery overheating, then definitely you should get some battery cooling apps/phone cooler apps. There may be many reasons for your phone’s battery or CPU overheating. Some of the major causes of battery overheating  are:

  • Apps that use much of your phone’s resource and cause the battery to overheat.
  • Summer season itself.
  • Bad RAM management by smartphone’s OS.

Whatever the reason might be the important thing is that you cool your phone down as soon as you get the time.

There may be tons of reasons for your Android phone getting overheated, so you have to take care of your phone and cool it down instantly.

Here we will be telling you about 10 Best Cooling Apps to Prevent Overheating On Your Android Devices that work as a phone/battery cooler to decrease CPU as well as the battery temperature. We will also be discussing the manual methods on How To Cool Down Battery, Phone, CPU. So without wasting much of our time lets see how to cool down your android smartphone.

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How To Cool Down Android Smartphone After Overheating [Manually]

best battery cooler APK

You can cool down your phone manually also to some extent by following the methods given below.

Step 1. Keep your phone in a cool place after using it for some time it will help to keep the temperature of the battery low.

Step 2. Check which apps have most battery usage. After that stop their background process. It will also help as your phone cooler.

Step 3. Lowering camera settings also helps to cool down the device.

Step 4. Don’t play games for too long.

Step 5. Try to use original charger and data cable. Don’t use any third party charger. It is one of the biggest reason for battery damage.

So these were the manual steps to cool down your battery :). If they worked for you and you have no more issues then it is really good. But if for some reasons your problem does not get solved with these hacks, then you could try the CPU, Battery Cooler apps to cool down your Android Smartphone. So let’s see 10 Best phone cooler app to prevent overheating of your device.

Best Battery/Phone Coolers App 

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So here we present our list of best phone cooler apps for android that will work efficiently and cool down our devices.

1. Cooling Master-Phone Cooler

best device cooling app

Cooling Master-Phone Cooler is one of the best phone cooler apps that are available for free. It is designed by PICOO Design. It helps to keep the phone cool by lowering down the temperature. It closes the apps that suck the battery in the background and have heavy usage of CPU.

This Phone Cooler App keeps monitoring the device temperature and as soon as it finds some heavy usage like the battery, CPU consuming app it shuts it down to keep your phone cool. This way the temperature of the phone and battery are cooled down.

If you don’t want it to close the app forcefully you can uncheck that option given in the Cooling Master app’s settings. 

This phone cooling app monitors the CPU temperature in real time and notifies us immediately when there is a need to cool down the phone.


2. EaseUS Coolphone

battery cooling app

EaseUS Coolphone is designed by EaseUS to cool down your android device. It is an ad-free app to cool down our phones. This is one of the best android phone cooler app that is built in one tap.

This battery cooler app lets us close all the background apps, fix battery overheat, cool down your temperature in only one single click. This CPU cooler app has Smart Controller feature that lets the battery to be saved to the utmost when not working.

In this phone cooling app users can also create customized mode for battery savings hence, preventing from battery overheating. We can also create battery indicator using this phone cooling app.


3. Cooler Master – Clean Booster

cpu cooler app
Cooler Master – Clean Booster is not just a phone/battery cooler app but also an app that can be used to clean the junk of an Android smartphone. This phone cooler app comes with one tap battery optimizer.

This is one of the best free battery cooling app which can also boost the phone along with cooling down the CPU by clearing RAM and cache of the device. Even in the background, it cools down your phone by closing RAM and battery sucking apps.

This phone cooler app auto-detects temperature works as CPU cooler, battery saver.


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4.Super Phone Cooler

battery cooler app

Super Phone Cooler is a battery cooling app which helps you to cool down your phone. It tracks the temperature of the device in real time and notifies us when it gets higher than normal.

This battery cool down app finds the app that causes overheat and then force stops it to cool down the battery. It shows graphical as well as numerical data of the CPU temperature.

This CPU cooling app also has a special Smart Charge Feature which monitors the temperature while charging and stops the phone from overcharging.


5. Battery Doctor- Battery Cooler

cpu cooling app

It is also one of the best battery cooling app for Android smartphone. It saves the battery and cools down the phone by freezing the battery consuming app running in the background.

It gives the feature of one-touch optimization and gives tips to increase the battery life. It automatically turns off the Wi-Fi if it is left ON or any other thing like Bluetooth. It can also adjust the device brightness to save the device power.

It detects the phone temperature, disables heat-producing apps to cool down the battery.


6. All-In-One Toolbox: Cleaner, Booster, App Manager

cpu cool down app

All-In-One Toolbox is a phone cooler app that helps to increase the overall performance of an Android smartphone. The UI of the app is really good looking and easy to use.

This battery cool down app closes all the overheating apps and also cool down the CPU of the device. It has some extra features like app lock, cleaning junk, file manager, speed booster etc.


7. Smart Cooler

best cooling app

Smart Cooler is also a phone cool down app in this list. It helps to monitor the CPU usage and device temperature. You just have to click on the app and it will give you the instruction on how to cool down your phone.

It also reports the app that eats up our battery and memory and produces overheat. You have to just click on the cool down button and it will work as a cooler and cool down your battery. 😀


8. DU Battery Saver

DU battery saver

DU Battery Saver is one of the most loved battery cooler apps. It is used to manage the battery and also extend its life. You can get instructions in the app to follow which will help you to increase battery life.

It is not just a CPU cooler app but also cleans junk. This phone cooler app detects the phone temperature in real time and freezes the battery and CPU consuming apps.

It also has access to manage phone brightness, Wi-Fi, Mobile Data. It also has many skins for battery indicator.


9. Finally Clean: Booster, CPU Cooler

finally analyze

Finally Clean is a battery cum CPU cooler app. It comes with many inbuilt features to cool down the battery as well as the CPU of the device.

It has a dashboard where it shows all the data regarding the CPU temperature and memory usage. There is a button on the dashboards that cool down the device immediately in one tap only.

It is also a better battery cooler app for cooling down your device. Apart from CPU/Battery cooling it also cleans junk and has a file manager.


10. Cooler Master – CPU Cooler

battery cooler app

With this battery cool down app, we can get to know the exact temperature and battery status of the device. It also shows the available RAM in the phone.

It shows the list of apps that are eating up the battery and overheating the smartphone. We can manually or with one click close the apps using this app.



If the phone is getting overheated, then it’s a danger sign. It can cause several damages to smartphone and its part and also decrease the battery life. So chose wisely the best cooldown app from the ones listed above.

You don’t need all apps. You have to install only one according to your usage. Also please share your experiences in the comment box 🙂

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