Best Android Plugins to Protect Privacy

Nowadays, we rely on our smartphone more than anything. Whether it is about messaging someone, storing important documents, checking bank accounts, shopping, or even looking for any restaurant or hotel itself. We use this small vital device kept inside our pocket for every single task. So, along with this luxurious comfort, we also have to be careful of certain things. And the most important thing which we have to take care of is our personal information which is there in our phone.

There are many privacy features for Android users, all you have to learn is how to make the best use out of them. But before moving to that, let me tell you that, you must check out the DeleteMe review, as it is the best tool to help you out in deleting all the existing data from all over the internet. Which is one of the most important things you must do, as before protecting your new data? You require to remove your existing data from the internet for sure?

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Now, let’s move further and take a look at the  Android Plugins to protect your Privacy.

Android Privacy Protect

Android Plugins to protect your Privacy

Encrypt your phone

So, the most important thing which you need to do is to encrypt your Android smartphone. When you encrypt your phone, you make all the information in your android smartphone unreadable by others, until and unless it is unlocked. And of course, it could only be unlocked by you. So, no one could have access to your personal data for sure. And the best, as well as the most secure thing, is that, even if your phone gets stole, and it has been encrypted, then even your data is going to be safe for sure.

So, to encrypt your phone, you have to reach the Settings, and then select the security option, and in it select encryption. And let me tell you that, turning on encryption will force you to set the lock screen protection. Which helps you to improve the protection of your privacy as well.

Don’t install apps from outside Play store

The play store is the best source for Android users to install the app. After all, it has been approved by Google and no doubt it is going to be the most secure for you. And it is also the largest store for application for android users. And it is also going to provide you with the apps which are going to be secured and not going to dig into the data of your phone. This is said to best solution of protecting your phone from virus/malware and other problematic solutions.

Final Words

Well, that’s it from us on part of top ways to protect your privacy online.

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