Best Dating Apps of 2019 Rated Form the Worst to the Best

To hear that dating has now switched to web and that apps for arranging such meetings are now everybody’s best friends would be not a surprise. The real thing is how to find the app that will meet all of your requirements and not waste time trying every one of them. That is why we have compiled this list and analyzed the most widely-used dating apps to rank them from bottom to top.

Deciding which app to use is the first step before dating. After you figure out the universe of online flirting, you will get astonished to find out how many exciting people around are ready to meet you. So, these apps will help you step out of the comfort zone and begin your own love story.

Best Dating Apps of 2019
Best Dating Apps of 2019

This app is one of the biggest and most popular in Europe. Its concept lies in what Badoo offers people profiles, and you can either swipe right if you like a person and left if not. It works similarly to Tinder: if you get a like back from a person you swiped right, you get a notification and can start a dialogue. As you can see, dating apps are not so original today. Badoo offers three options for interaction between people, simple communication, the search for new friends and romantic relationships.

In the “Visitors” tab, you can look through the people who came to your profile and those who visit the same bars, spots, or cafes as you.

Badoo also has a fun feature – face comparison. It finds people like you or celebrity look-alikes, so your hidden sexual fetish can come true at least for one night.

  • Tinder – an oldie but not so goodie

One of the world’s most popular dating apps. It works on the principle of matching pairs: you choose the profile of a person from those who are within a certain distance circle and swipe their photos right or left. If you get liked by the same person too, you have the opportunity to write a private message and start a conversation. Audience: Tinder has more than 57 million active users per month, which makes it one of the whales of this sea of dating apps. The main con: after you reject someone, you won’t have a chance to get back, as well as undo the likes you gave people you approved by accident. In terms of these features and the overall interface look, dating sites are easier to use. For example, is easy yet effective.

  • Happn – already better

An app using the principle of hyper placement. It offers for your consideration only those members of Happn who are within the walking distance. When someone gives you a like, you can reach out to each other and, after discussing all the details, meet in real life. In the “Profiles” bar, you can change the filters for the potential partners to correspond to certain parameters such as age, interests, or sex.

Happn calculates how many times you have passed by a person in general. And if you seem to hang out at the same places, it offers to get acquainted with them closer. And when you open a profile bar of each user, a map with the places you have in common will be displayed to you.

  • Hater – great but not the greatest

There is one step from hatred to love. This is not your regular application; it has an original matching algorithm. Hater finds someone who hates the same things as you. It was founded by Brendan Alper, who quitted job at a financial sphere to do stand-up. It began from a simple joke, but after serious investigation, Brendan came to a conclusion this concept should be regarded more seriously because that is where something new and original lie.

When you first sign in, you are asked to fill in a simple form asking about what things irritate you, like strange food combos, Star Wars, or cats (who are these people?). Then it will match you with people having similar answers. If even then you still do not know how to initiate a conversation, you can use a tip phrase starting with,  “Before we meet in real life, I’d like to warn you that I hate…” and insert the information among suggested or your own. It is something special about this hardcore way of flirting we find really amusing.

  • Grindr – *drumroll* and the first place goes to …

What is special about it is that Grindr has become the biggest gay-partner seeking platform used mostly by people who are not straight. The application has already been installed by over 10 million people, which makes it our winner today because dating world should be all about diversity. Fun features, easy hookups search, or matching algorithms are great, but Grindr conquered our heart by its simplicity, effectiveness, and the cutest audience ever.

The application shows other Grindr users who are nearby; its work pattern might remind you of those at other apps, although they are more likely to resemble Grindr since it is older.

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