Best Video Streaming Apps/Services to Replace Cable

Nowadays, you may view cable TV as landline phones, a nonessential expense limited by such old-fashioned software. For the longest time, cable TV has got us tethered to the paid TV. However, as technology progresses, there are now several online video streaming apps/services that allow you to cut the cable TV cord, just as long as you have an internet connection.

Video Streaming apps including Netflix and Amazon Prime are two of the most popular ones right now, probably because both have been around the industry for years. However, you should not limit your options as there are many other video streaming services such as SlingTV and DirecTV Now are specifically designed to replace your old cable TV package. If you’re curious about the shows you can watch using these Video Streaming Apps, you may head on to this watch online guide.

Best Video Streaming Apps
Best Video Streaming Apps

In this post, we will be discussing everything that you need to know about the best streaming apps to replace cable TV. We have put together this review, which you can use as a guide so you can finally cut the cord with your cable TV and go online with your streaming needs. Now, let’s get on with the discussions.

DirecTV Now

Direct TV - Best Streaming Service

DirecTV Now would be perfect for anyone who wants to avail the streaming service but excluding the satellite dish. The service offers two options – a $50 per month plan, which includes 40 channels and the $70 per month plan, which includes more than 50 channels. Both include HBO, which used to be a $5 a month add-on to the service. Also, you also have a free cloud DVR including 20 hours of storage. What’s great about this service is that two users can use the service simultaneously and you only need to add $5 to your subscription if you want to add a third one.

Hulu + Live TV

Hulu Live Tv Streaming Services
Hulu Live Tv Streaming Services

For only $45 a month, you get Hulu and live TV, which offers more than 60 channels including sports channels and major networks. You can also watch on two different devices at the same time and it can to record up to 50 hours on DVR. Hulu now gives you to option to skip commercials and watch in an unlimited number of screens for an additional $15 a month. Another option would be the one without ads, which may cost you around $51 per month.


Sling TV - Best Video Streaming Apps

For only $25 a month, you get to experience Sling’s Orange TV package, which includes around 30 cable channels. However, you wouldn’t get broadcast TV in that subscription. The Blue package, on the other hand, also costs $25 a month but allows at least three users to enjoy more than 40 channels including sports channels and broadcasts. What these packages don’t include are channels including HBO, Showtime, and Starz, which would cost you around $9 to $15, depending on your add-on.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime - Best Alternative Video Streaming App

Another great streaming app that allows you to completely replace cable TV is Amazon Prime Video, which offers a strong selection of popular TV shows and movies. If you’re paying for Amazon Prime, then you now have access to one of the best alternatives to cable TV: Amazon Prime Video. However, you can pay for the standalone service for only $9 a month, in case you don’t need the Prime shipping feature. As with other streaming giants, you get access to a library of original and content programming. What’s great about this streaming service is that if you want something that isn’t available on Prime but is available on Amazon, you can just easily rent it. This goes the same way for single TV episodes.

Here are some other TV Streaming apps you should try:

  1. Voot for PC
  2. Zee5 for PC
  3. ShowBox for PC
  4. ThopTV 


Netflix - Video Streaming Apps
Netflix – Video Streaming Apps

Netflix would be one of the most popular video streaming platforms, as it is both incredible accessible and highly affordable. To know more about other options that offer video streaming services, you may check out this list by PCMAG.

Netflix is also very convenient, as nearly any device that has access to the Internet can be used. What’s great about Netflix is that you have the freedom to choose from its multiple pricing plans, starting at $8 a month. Besides, all options are commercial-free, which may be a bonus for some. Aside from its giant library of TV shows and movies, you also get access to Netflix-produced movies and series. Lastly, you can create multiple profiles in a single account, allowing each of your family members has a separate and unique viewing experience from everyone else.

What we also like about Netflix is that your first-month use is free, allowing you to gauge if the streaming service is really for you. Also, you also get to cancel the service anytime you want.

Sony PlayStation Vue

Sony Play Station Vue - Best Streaming Service

According to a survey conducted by Forbes, 69% of households say that they have a video streaming service subscription, and it’s no surprise at all, considering how popular these services are now. With this, another great streaming service is the Sony PlayStation Vue.

The Sony PlayStation Vue is highly customizable but can resemble a rather pricey cable TV programming plan. Packages may range from $50 a month up to $85 a month, which already has around 90 channels including premium ones like Showtime and HBO. What’s great about this streaming service is that you also get access to local channels and that you can use a cloud DVR to record your favorite shows. Vue can also support up to five users at the same time. There’s also a mobile option, allowing new subscribers to watch directly from their mobile phones and tablets.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV - Stream Videos

YouTube TV, which may cost you around $50 a month, allows you access to more than 70 networks, which already includes local ones. It also boasts its cloud DVR with unlimited storage and allows up to three users, as well as up to six separate and individual accounts. With this streaming service, you also get access to original programming such as the YouTube Red Originals. While you don’t get Showtime, Starz, and AMC, you have the option to subscribe to these channels for an additional cost.

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