5 Best Writing Apps for Teachers – Write Error Free

As a teacher, you obviously want to write error free texts or paragraphs for your student. But at times being a teacher, we cant just make mistakes and whenever such things happen it’s just a shameful thing for us.

But as a human, it is okay to make mistakes, and almost all of us do make them quite often. However, when you are a teacher, your reputation is at stake. It is always good to have someone behind your back who will check for your writing errors and mistakes. But keeping a person for the job will not be the right thing. However, this is where the Best Writing Apps for Teachers comes into play.

These writing apps help you to write error free articles. As well as you do not even have to ask someone else to do a job. Plus, the whole process is pretty easy. So in case if you are too looking for some writing apps to write something free from errors, then I have made a list of 5 Best Writing Apps for Teachers as well as students.

Best Applications for teachers
Best Applications for Teachers

So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

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5 Best Writing Apps for Teachers


Writing app for teachers

The first writing app that you can try out is Ginger. It is one of the free to use writing application which helps you to proofread your texts. The app is super easy to use and free to get started with. There is no hard work at all.

All you have to do is paste your text and hit the ginger it button. After that, the app will run a check and look for all the mistakes that you have made in the article. As well as it will fix them for you.

The best part of this writing app is that it is completely free to use. Also, you will not require to create an account on the website. However, the drawback of the website is that it has ads placed here and there. As a result, you won’t get great user experience. But the ads are placed nice way, and it hardly disturbs you.

Moreover, you can download Ginger as a Chrome extension or safari browser add on. Also, you can try out the mobile app and Ginger for office.


Best Writing Apps for Teachers

Up next I have the Grammarly – The Best Writing Application for Anyone. This is one of the most popular apps available out there for correcting mistakes, and you cannot deny the fact. Almost everyone is talking about this famous tool and how it helped them. With Grammarly, you will be able to proofread your articles within seconds.

This writing application is almost free to use. But if you want advanced features, then you have to purchase the software. The best part of the free version is that it lets you check your content at a basic level. Like you can sport spelling errors and all. But with the premium version, it allows you to do more.

With the premium version of the app, you are also getting a plagiarism checker. As a result, you will be able to write authentic articles and so on. Also, on the app, you will not find any ads. Even the free version does not have any ads. Plus, you can download Grammarly for your Office, Android device or for your chrome browser. You can get Grammarly premium free account by contacting them but make sure after that premium trial access, you will upgrade your account.


Writing Apps for Teachers

Next, I have the WhiteSmoke. This one is also one of the best writing apps for teachers. With the help of this app, you will be able to proofread your English writing pretty easily. Also, the app is super easy to use. However, the tool is not free. You have to make a yearly billing or 3 years of billing before you start using the app.

But as long as we are talking about the app, well it can detect hundreds of previously undetected errors pretty easily.  Also, it comes with a redesigned layout which offers you great user experience and you will be able to get started with it easily. The app is also rebuilt from the ground up to improve performance and provide additional information on each error.

Moreover, you also get some of the other features with WhiteSmoke. These features include grammar checker, plagiarism checker, and translator. Also, this grammar and punctuation checker app is compatible with different devices which includes, browsers, Mac, Windows and so on.


Writing Apps for Error Free Writing

For the next pick, I have the GradeProof. This one is also one of the best writing apps for teachers that you must check out. This tool is also pretty easy to use and comes with a hell lot of features. This tool is pretty much like Grammarly. However, it uses Artificial Intelligence to offer you better results.

You can try out the software free of cost. All you have to do is sing up on the app and paste or upload your document and edit it. But if you want to get extra features. Then you have to purchase the app.

Also, the best part of the app is that there are no ads on the website. As a result, you will get a great experience. Plus, it is a cross platform app. This means that you can use the software along with Google Docs and Microsoft Word. Also, it supports devices like iOS and the web.

iA Writer

Best apps for teachers for writing
Best apps for teachers for writing

In the end, I have the iA Writer. However, this one is not a web based tool. Instead, you have to download the software for your Windows or Mac computer. As well as you can download the app for your Android or iOS device.

The best part of the app is that it offers you a minimalistic writing environment. So you can write your texts without any distractions. However, it only comes with a trial period of 14 days only. But if you do not want the trial version. You can purchase the software.

However, the thing about this application is that it does not offer you features like grammar checker and all. Instead, it offers you the experience to write content without any distractions.

Final Words:

So that was all about the 5 Best Writing Apps for Teachers. Now go ahead and check these tools out and see which one of them is working the best for you. Also, for any other questions do feel free to comment below.

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