By far we have come across what Video ads are, what purposes do they serve, what YouTube intros are and how they can be used for branding purposes. YouTube has been creating dimensions as a digital media platform and giving maximum exposure to the users like never before. Among all this, it has led to one more new sphere of video ads, i.e. YouTube Outros. Ever heard what it is? If not, let’s take a look at it.

YouTube Outros: Explained

A YouTube Outro is nothing but some sort of end screen template ending that contains links to content, sites, and products mentioned there, along with a Call-to-action (CTA). This might encourage the users to check out your site or maybe buy a product, watch additional videos and subscribe to the channel. Usually the video is divided into 3 segments- the intro to the video, the main video or part of it and the outro which includes the above mentioned points. 

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Main Purpose of creating a YouTube Outro

The reason why a brand should create a YouTube Outro is because it will help drive specific actions from viewers who enjoyed watching your video. Customer satisfaction leads to more customer engagement and that generates more sales. Hence, it is necessary in order to get mass appeal.

How long is a YouTube Outro?

The best size for your YouTube Outro should be 1920px by 1070px. These should be the same dimensions as your actual video. In regards to the length of the outro, it should be roughly around 10 seconds. This enables your viewers to take in what they’re seeing and decide on what they want to do next.

Steps on creating a YouTube Outro

To create a YouTube Outro is no big deal. It is easier than you think it could be. You can either start by choosing a YouTube end screen template or start from scratch. 

  1. Add a simple background- You can start your outro by adding a simple background according to your relevance. You can even pick a pattern and use stock photos too.
  2. Add text- The next step is to add text to your outro. Adding text also includes adding background shapes like ovals and rectangles behind the text to draw attention. You can also add videos to the outro by adding spaces on the template to designate where they’ll go with blank rectangles.
  3. Add subscribe buttons- The next step follows adding subscribe buttons and sharing the details for your social media profiles for people to find you instantly. 

You can edit these templates while editing your YouTube video in the Outro Maker. To make it look even more amusing, you can add additional effects through your video editor too! 

Few of the best practices to be adopted while creating a YouTube Outro

YouTube Outros are necessary just like YouTube Intros. There are some amazing YouTube Intro Makers that are available online and many of them are free of cost too. Well, the same goes for YouTube Outros too. However, we need to look upon some things while we create a YouTube Outro. 

-Make use of a whitespace. This is to ensure there is no overcrowding of different elements and the video doesn’t look messy. Hence, use plenty of whitespaces.

-Sensible CTAs. Choose CTAs that make sense by linking it to relevant videos or blog posts. Even if you’re offering multiple CTAs or linking it to your product, make sure they actually make sense based on the video users just watched. 

-Be Consistent. It is advisable to use the same few templates as it adds a feeling of consistency to your channel which can result in credibility. Keep your social media handles available on each outro along with a subscribe button so that it becomes easy for you to make an outro everytime you make additions.


By creating a YouTube Outro, you’re not only engaging customers but you are making a long term relationship with them. CTAs tend people to take a look at your brand one more time reminding them to purchase your product. So if you let this opportunity go, or make a strong YouTube Outro, you’re even losing an opportunity to tale that relationship a step further. 

Keep your focus on driving significant actions which will help you push the relationship forward. 

How would you take your first step in optimizing your YouTube Outros? Do you think these steps and practices would work for you? Do let us know by sharing your experience with us!

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