How To Download Tumblr Videos Online – Android and iOS

Tumblr is a very popular Social Network and micro blogging website with millions of active users across the world. Many social media activist have their Tumblr blogs in which they share their views in articles and media. Which means that there are thousands of videos uploaded on Tumblr on daily basis while it’s quite difficult to Download Tumblr Videos Online, as there is no such popular downloading website that that supports Tumblr .

Many big platforms are focusing on popular social media sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. So, somehow Tumblr is ignored by these platforms but don’t worry because with Odownloader you can also download Tumblr videos online for free.

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Tumblr Videos Online

With the passage of time as the internet is expanding the more content management system which is also known as CMS are being introduced. Tumblr is one of them in which anyone can make their free blog and upload their videos photos and anything they want to share with the world. So if you want to download any tumblr video then there is no need to use any crappy offline downloading software or download managers because with our tumblr video downloader you can easily download any tumblr video for free in a matter of few seconds. When it comes to video quality then there is no doubt that one of the highest quality videos also uploaded on tumblr so for that our own tumblr videos downloader supports all video quality formats such as 480 pixels and 1080 pixel which is which is also known as HD. So it was just a small introduction about a tumblr video downloader, now we will share complete guide in which you will learn how to download tumblr videos within a few minutes with our Tumblr video downloader online. Make sure you follow all the steps in a proper sequence so that there are there is no chance of any error or bugs while downloading videos from Tumblr.

  1. Copy the complete URL of any Tumblr video that you want to download with Odownloader – YT.
  2. Now paste that complete URL in the search box of our Tumblr videos downloader.
  3. Select the desired video quality video in which you want to download that video.
  4. Now at the end and click the download button and wait for few seconds until the complete video is downloaded in your iPhone Android or PC.

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Does it support Android or iPhone?

Yes of course for downloading Tumblr videos, it supports all kinds of devices. No matter you are using your PC Android phone or iPhone this Tumblr Video Downloader will work flawlessly on any device without causing any sort of error. Many peoples always struggle to download Tumblr videos and for that, they have to download crappy online applications in their phones which take lots of memory and their CPU resources, so there is no such need to download an Android or IOS application.

Is it safe?

Yes, absolutely 100% safe and secure to download any tumblr video because we have a professional team of security experts that work 24/7 to make sure that everything is going safe. We don’t have any sort of annoying and malicious advertising which can cause serious damage to your privacy because they encourage unwanted click and hidden advertisement. Fortunately, there is no such thing while using O downloader because we care about users more than anything else.


So here we shared our guide on how to download Tumblr videos online on your android, iOS or Windows devices. If you are still facing any difficulties in downloading videos from Tumblr, then you can ask us in the comments section 🙂

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