Best Ways to Earn Money from Facebook in 2019

There are so many people that ask me every single day how can I earn money from facebook? Is it even possible to earn money from facebook? And my answer was yes it’s possible to earn money from facebook. There are lots of ways to earn some smart money from facebook. You have to put effort on it.

Today In this article I’ll share with you top 3 and most popular proven method that you can use to earn money from facebook. I hope this article will change your daily life earning from facebook. Helps you to make some extra bucks.

Many people like you and me use social media just for fun purpose and nothing. But there are few people who take this big opportunity to earn money from this platform. But let me tell you that it is not easy at all. You have to always think that time is money. If you waste your time then you will lose your money. If you give value and use your time properly in a proper way then you can earn more money. So the first rule is don’t waste your money. That means don’t waste your time scrolling on facebook newsfeed.

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So, let’s dive into the deep and follow the exact step that I mention here:

Best Ways to Earn Money from Facebook
Best Ways to Earn Money from Facebook

Choose your niche and start making relevant posts: To make money from any kind of social media you have to select your niche first then put regular content on your facebook page or group to gather audience related to your selected niche. If you continue to put quality content and helpful post for your audience then there is a big chance to gain your targeted audience very quickly.
Also, use a separate account. Use your own account for personal activities and create a business account only for business purpose. Where you can create posts, add interesting links, photo and lots of thing to grab your attention.

I think you already ask or thinking in your mind about the niche. What niche is perfect for you? How many niches out there to choose? Well, I’ll help you to get some idea. Let me describe here step by step

  • Affiliate Marketing: I think you already know what is affiliate marketing. However, if you want to know more about affiliate marketing then you can search on google there are lots of tips and article about affiliate marketing. Though let me describe here very shortly what is affiliate marketing.
  • Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy where you have to sell other manufacturers products to your targeted audience and you will get a little commission from it. This called affiliate marketing in the short term.

To start affiliate marketing you have to join your targeted affiliate program and then after accepting your affiliate request, you can promote their products to your facebook page and group. Then when your targeted audience buys those products from your page or post then you will get a little affiliate commission from their purchase. And this will increase day by day.

  • Earn money from your facebook fan page: If you don’t have any facebook fan page then it’s the right time to create your facebook fan page right now. It’s one of the most popular things to make fun and make money from your facebook there are so many people they even don’t know that a fan page can make money for them.So, choose your niche and start to create your facebook fan page for your audience. Like for an example, you can create a fan page on travel niche, fishing, cooking, etc. And start to share good content on the page to get more likes and engage.

Now it’s time to create a website based on your fan page and put content related to your niche. I highly recommend you to create your website using WordPress because there are plenty of free plugins and themes. And you can choose any of them without spending money. Here I gather some useful free blog and affiliate WordPress themes for you so that you can download from here and design your website right now.

However, if you want to know more about WordPress then you may check out GoodlyWP this is one of my favorite website where you will find tips and tricks related to WordPress, WordPress themes and plugins, etc.

Now I hope your website is ready to launch. Put regular content on your website and put valuable information for your readers so that they can get help by reading your blog post and can solve your problem. Step by step when you have gathered lots of visitor and audience then there is a big chance to start making money from ads.
There are lots of different ads platform who provides you lots of money if you put their ads on your website. But for the beginning I recommend you to choose google ads. That is Google Adsense. And if you doing very well then you will huge money from it.

Bottom line

At the end of this point, we can say that if you have a targeted audience then you can earn money so many different ways. You can make your audience by creating a facebook account or you can make the audience using your website. So after getting targeted audience, you won’t be down by making money from the internet. So use facebook put effort on it try to build a solid audience and make money from it boom 😉

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