Grow Your Brand With These 10 Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram is among the most powerful platform there is. It is no wonder why business is taking advantage of this site. You get to introduce your brand, promote your goods and services, and reach your target audiences. But how can one grow your brand with Instagram marketing?

Here are ten Instagram marketing tips to help you get started.

Start with Powerful Branding

Before you start with any marketing campaign, make sure you have the right strategy for branding. You would want to give your target audience something they will remember – and for the right reasons. It’s not just about having a brand name, logo, and tagline. It’s about crafting unique, catchy, but professional branding.

More often than not, business owners make the same mistake of branding their business by themselves. The thing is, achieving quality branding is not a walk in the park. If you want a professional and high-quality branding done, then realize that you can’t do it by yourself. The good news is tons of resources such as  as well as tools and services available to help small business owners like you establish a successful brand identity.

Get Yourself an Instagram Business Profile

Instagram Marketing Tips
Instagram Marketing Tips

Don’t think that a regular IG profile is enough to market your brand on social media. So, before even formulating a marketing plan on Instagram, make sure to switch to a business account. But why switch to a business account if you can use a regular profile?

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Here are some benefits of creating a business profile for your brand on Instagram.

  • Create and publish ads without the need for Facebook’s advertising tools
  • Access Instagram Insights that shows analytics and performance statistics
  • Add links when publishing Instagram stories
  • Your profile will show the industry your business operates
  • Add a contact button where your followers can get in touch with you easily

However, take note that in switching to an Instagram business profile, you lose the ability to publish private posts and link to different profiles on Facebook. It means you can only connect your IG profile to your business’ FB page.

Craft an Actionable and Interactive Instagram Hashtag

A branded hashtag allows you to create instant engagement. The best thing about hashtags is your followers and customers can easily use your tag. A hashtag amounts to free advertising. Your followers can use your hashtag, and users can search all posts that have your hashtags in the caption. Every time a user shares a post with your hashtag, their followers will see their post, thus extending your reach.

One way to use hashtags as a marketing tool is by encouraging your followers to use your hashtag. Ask them to post a photo of a video featuring your products or services. In return, you can share their posts, and they get to be featured on your page.

Use the Free Insights Tool Offered By Instagram

Grow Brand on Instagram

The great thing about using Instagram for marketing your brand is you get to access Insights. This tool allows you to check your statistics – including engagement data and impressions. You can also view your follower’s demographics broken down into pertinent data like their age, location and active hours online.

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Insights allow you to see how many impressions you gathered in a week. During this period, it can also show which of your posts are getting the most likes and engagements. It is a handy app as it lets you understand how your followers are responding to your posts and learn what you need to do to boost engagement.

Take Advantage of Sponsored Ads

Instagram allows businesses full control of how much they want to spend on the platform. It means you can promote your brand to virtually anyone on Instagram that fits the demographics of your target audience. You get to further your reach depending on the budget you set.

Take note that there are different types of sponsored ads. These are the following.

  • Photo
  • Video
  • Stories
  • Stories Canvas
  • Carousel/Dynamic Ads

Make sure to share quality contents that are appealing to your followers. After checking on your weekly impressions, you get to use the top-performing posts that already have a considerable amount of engagement. Turn this into a sponsored ad and increase engagement and conversions.

Create Partnerships with Your Followers that Support Your Vision

It’s incredible how partnership can make a huge difference when marketing your brand. When you partner with your followers and other Instagram users with a good cause, you get to establish not only a connection but access their followers as well.

Partnering with other influencers is an easy way to reach your target audience with ease. Since they already have an established Instagram presence, they will most likely have a substantial number of followers who will support the brands they promote. You also get to reach a new target audience, building brand awareness at its finest.

Interact With Your Followers

Instagram Marketing

One important tip is to make your followers feel like a VIP. Make it a point to make them feel appreciated by engaging with them. Answer their DMs, ask for their feedback, and thank them for taking the time to leave a comment or suggestion.

Mind Your Captions and Hashtags

Instagram indeed allows you to post long captions of about 2,200 characters long and hashtags of up to 30. However, writing a novel is not always the way to go. People nowadays are too busy to watch long videos and read lengthy posts. Make it short, sweet, and direct to the point.

Publish Product Teasers

One good way to entice your followers into buying your products is by posting product teasers. Often, a teaser is enough to make them want to buy. Make sure not to overwhelm your followers with your ads. Play your cards right and increase anticipation by exciting them with brand new offers. This way, you get to gain their attention and avoid scaring them off.

Post On the Right Time and Avoid Over-Posting

One way to scare your followers is flooding their newsfeed with your posts and ads. If you do, you can expect them to unfollow you. What you want to do is to post at the right time and consistently. Check what time your followers are most active and online. Find out about this data from Instagram Insights.

Instagram has hundreds of millions of users each month. It is the very reason why businesses of all sizes are trying to market their brand on this platform. Make sure to keep this list in mind, and you’ll get better chances of gaining more followers, create engagements, and make conversions with your IG marketing efforts.

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