How Outsourcing Can Help Game Development Companies?

Hiring a third party to complete a certain project or task is known as outsourcing. This definition is conventional and hasn’t changed with time. Hiring a software or an app development company to build a game for you will be said as outsourcing game development. 

Similarly, there are other types of outsourcing too like custom software development, mobile apps, web app development, and other software development needs which can be outsourced. Even for games, there are many fields like desktop game development, mobile game development, and so on. More insights on how businesses are leveraging the advantages of custom software development can be found on TatvaSoft custom software outsourcing web page. 

This is nothing new in this. You can choose different types of outsourcing. If it’s game development then you can choose Game development companies and studios which are nowadays offering outsourcing services of projects at reasonable rates. 

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Outsourcing Game Development

Top advantages of outsourcing game development 

Outsourcing is itself beneficial no matter in what industry it is implied. Let us look at some basic advantages of outsourcing services for the gaming industry.  

1.  Financial Savings & High Level of Efficiency

One of the most common advantages for which companies opt to outsource a share of their business operation to a third party is cost-effectiveness. Hiring a team of in-house game developers for full-time can be expensive in comparison to hiring an outsourcing software development company to build a game for you. It is generally believed that through outsourcing their work, companies can minimize their costs to around 20% – 40%. It also reduces overhead costs and administrative hassles. 

Having a team of in-house developers can lead your game company to inefficient work processes, confusion, and unessential efforts just because they will be working on numerous company projects at a time. Whereas game development outsourcing will mean that the team of the outsourcing game developers can work only on your game project without any kind of distractions from lesser important aspects of your company’s business operations. So, if you have a dedicated team of game developers for each section or specific task, it will minimize all potential errors and delays.

2. Access to Advanced Game Technologies 

Game development may require the latest technologies, high-end tools, and most advanced types of equipment. If you think about buying all this expensive stuff for in-house game development then it can adversely affect other departments of your business. Even if you try to do it all within your budget, you won’t be able to get your hands on all necessary resources.  

But that’s not the case with outsourcing game development projects. As soon as you hire an outsourcing contractor, you get immediate access to expert game developers across the globe equipped with top-notch gaming technology. And you can get all this without the risks of giving away huge chunks of money from your money. 

3. Game Market Expansion

Working with an outsourcing company can open up an entirely new market for your business. And it will also become visible to other areas in the global market of the gaming industry. From this newly found market, you can learn new ways to reach your target audience and get inspired to create new game services and projects.

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4. External Opinions to check 

I know it can make you think you are averse to all the risks by keeping all your work within your company and among your own team of in-house developers. But such a thing can lead to a logical fallacy and lack of creative vision. When you outsource game development services to a third party, especially an offshore services provider, you get access to fresh perspectives on your gaming products. This will enable you to see your innovations and products through someone else’s eyes and the difference of opinions could inspire your business to take adventurous steps in the future. 

5. Eliminates the risks of training freshers 

Quality is crucial for the success of any product. And to build a quality game, you will need expert services in the field. However, amidst all the perks and benefits, minimum wage requirements, software development market, and current jobs scenario, it will be very difficult to find experts who can meet your business requirements within your budget. 

You can always hire freshers and train them enough to master their skills but that will increase both – time to market and the cost of the project. While the option of outsourcing will give you immediate access to the pool of talented developers who would not need any kind of training to fulfill your work for you. 

6. Better Compliance Contract in game development project 

When you are thinking about hiring game development services, you must have an automated compliance management system for better cooperation during the project collaboration. Many outsourcing partners allow you to create such systems while collaborating for project development. Compliance is critical as it can help both companies to undertake efficient communication to minimize the number of errors. You can also make them sign a non-disclosure agreement under which you can include all your business-sensitive information. You should also mention clearly the consequences of breaching the NDA contract. 

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7. More Time for Games Company Management

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting up your business or already have an established one. Every business has hundreds of other things to do apart from product development. As a business owner, you have to personally overlook various critical business operations yourself. Such tasks include marketing your product, managing your company, applying for licenses and permits, keeping financials in order, managing employees, filing taxes, and more. You can not do all of these by yourself, eventually, you need to hire someone or opt for outsourcing services to get your business running smoothly.

Summary – Game Development Outsourcing

Well, I hope that after reading this article, you have got an idea of how outsourcing can help your game development business. However, outsourcing is not as easy as mentioned here, one has to be thorough while selecting a vendor for their project. Here are some points that you need to keep in mind while you lookout for an outsourcing partner. 

  • Do your homework or background research on the vendor
  • Check out the experience and the portfolio of the developers.
  • Have them sign a Non-disclosure agreement.
  • Do not forget to get everything in writing. Documentation is a must.
  • Have your product tested before its launch.
  • Ask for post-deployment support.
  • Never go for the cheapest, look for the quality and cost ratio.

If you consider these things then you will get a perfect fit for your game development project. We have already talked about the benefits of game development outsourcing and how to hire a development company, if you still have any queries or further suggestions then feel free to share them with us in the comments section below. 

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