The Ultimate Guide to Internet Marketing in 2021

Being in business today and not knowing the fundamentals of Internet Marketing is like trying to score a bullseye in the dark. Binge-watching using apps like ShowBox for PC or ThopTv is replacing TV. Streaming music is doing the same to the radio and search advertising sounds the alarm bells for print advertising. The conventional way of marketing is no more the norm; So the rise of Internet Marketing.

What is the need for Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing
Internet marketing

When you talk about promoting your products or services on the internet, it means that you take the help of online channels. These channels include search, social, email, video, and more. Today’s customers live across these channels and not in a singular one.

If you aim to capture the entire landscape of the internet, you need to be present across channels, and that is why you need Internet Marketing. Being present at the right place for the right customer is Internet marketing.

How do you become a pro at Internet Marketing?

Now that you understand why it is important for you to know the fundamentals of internet marketing, the next obvious question might be – how to become a professional at it?

The only way to become a professional at anything is to learn and keep learning until you become a master at it. The number of dollars being spent on internet marketing today is humongous. Therefore to become a standout player in your business domain, get skilled at internet marketing as the internet is transforming the way people buy products and services. And now with the internet on mobile phones, the customer is at the center of the decision-making process. What was earlier known in marketing is now drastically being changed with digital!

Whether you are a startup with software-as-a-service, a digital creator creating engaging videos using online video editor and tools, a small enterprise with 50 people or a large company with many branches you need to know the trends and upcoming features of internet marketing. In this article, we explore the different types of internet marketing that are sure to catapult your business into the new realm of online marketing.

Types of Internet Marketing

The world of internet marketing is wide and far-reaching. It has a place for the business of all shapes and sizes — from a handicraft seller to a global cola drink maker, everyone avails the capabilities of internet marketing. Listed below are some of the most popular types of internet marketing, but in no way, we limit it to the ones listed.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization for SEO is all about affecting the visibility of your website in search engines like that of Google, Bing or Yahoo. Search Engine Optimization is also an organic way of internet marketing.

Software programs from search engines have web crawlers that index your website In terms of keyword ranking, relevance, content quality, and more such parameters. There is always a constant competition between websites to rank higher on the first page. So SEO should become part of an internet marketing strategy. SEO tools like Google Webmaster and Page Insights can help you rank higher with relevant, engaging and interesting content.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Internet Marketing has several benefits. The most important is perhaps the ability of the business to target the right audience with an incredible level of granularity. Search Engine Marketing is the exact opposite of SEO.

In SEM, you pay the search engine to display your ads on the Google AdWords network or YouTube video network wherever your target audience lives (in case of Google).

By utilizing SEM, you can gather incredible amounts of data at a user level. Such as where did the user click, who did not visit, how many times they viewed the page, and more. From this, you can plan insights and keep bettering your internet marketing campaign.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is as old as internet marketing. Remember the first newsletters you got from brands you interacted with digitally like Yahoo or Microsoft? Well, internet marketing has developed dramatically since those days and so has email marketing.

The conventional form of email marketing was about acquiring a giant email database and shooting emails to anonymous customers not engaging with them in a meaningful or interesting manner, and thus the boom of SPAM! The modern internet marketer is driving interaction and generating revenue through email marketing but in a more meaningful manner. 

Today’s email marketing focuses on creating value for customers who consciously subscribe to your mailers. This has two-fold benefits – the set of audiences you send mailers are likely to respond more, and they are active customers who want to buy your product or service. It is still one of the most preferred and effective ways to your audience and markets your products.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

If you look at the history of Internet marketing, you will find that it was a relatively one-sided approach. Businesses would promote their products on their website and place ads on other websites. Consumers passively received this, but the landscape has shifted.

The growth of social media has influenced brands and businesses to grow a presence on social media platforms to drive audiences to the product page, cultivate purposeful brand engagements, and drive interactions. Social media is interactive, and it is what the customer wants today.

Therefore, the growth of social media marketing as an integrated practice has found its place with internet marketing in modern times.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a fairly new domain and one that is still wide open for experimenting and strategizing. It is one of the free, powerful, and organic methods to reach out to new customers and engage with your existing ones.

Content marketing can also help your website and blog page rank number one on search engines because it firmly stands on the pillars of keywords, relevance, and quality of your content that are core to internet marketing. Content marketing can be in the form of blogs, articles, relatable content, how-to videos and generally everything that can provide value to your customer and therefore increase your brand awareness.

Video Marketing

A relatively recent addition to Internet marketing, video marketing has grown exponentially in the last decade because of the adoption and preference of watching videos over reading content on the internet. And one of the best places to get started with video marketing is on YouTube.

Apart from being the second largest, most preferred search engine is also the foremost place for video content on the internet. Before you get started on marketing your videos on YouTube, it’s critical to have video content on your page.

One of the best places to make professional videos, intros, branded ads, social media promo videos is When you choose this, you will be in the good company of global brands that rely on their services to create stunning, engaging, and professional-looking videos in the least time possible. Video is an incredible resource to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, engage with your audience, and do a lot more.

Expand your business with Internet Marketing

In conclusion, we can say that the landscape of the internet is always shifting. What might have worked a few years ago might be completely irrelevant today. The trends of today define the strategies of tomorrow.

Customers demand more interaction and video content from brands and businesses. The broad overview presented In this article is an ultimate fundamental guide to internet marketing. The world of internet marketing stands on three main pillars; trust, relevance, and engagement quality.

The goal of any internet marketing activity should be to reinforce these pillars as they are the most preferred way to promote your products online and build a meaningful experience for your online audience.

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