Is California’s Medical Marijuana Program In Trouble? Quite The Opposite

In years past, marijuana was not legal in so many parts of the US and there are still federal laws in place that rule out its easy circulation. However, in recent times individual states in the US have taken a different stance on marijuana usage, while some have restricted its usage to only medicinal purposes, others have allowed it for recreation as well as therapeutic uses.

Ten states in the US have legalized the usage of marijuana for recreational use, and thirty-three states have legalized its use for medicinal purposes. California is one of the states that have approved marijuana for both purposes. Now, it is important to note that even though California permits the usage of marijuana, it is still mainly subject to the black market. Thus making it difficult for it to be monitored.

This lack of administrative restriction has resulted in concerns from some quarters as to how successful the medical marijuana program would be in the presence of this uncertainty. With this consciousness, the California drug administration is taking regulatory measures to ensure that those who use it, do so through the right channels that can be monitored to reduce or eliminate possible cases of abuse.

Despite this concern, the California medical marijuana program is still doing great and even has great potential for growth. It would interest you to know that California has the highest number of medical marijuana cardholders all over the US, with a total of 918,000 patients at the end of 2018. This indicates that the supposed threat to the medical marijuana program holds no water. 

To get a marijuana card, a patient has to register an email to see a physician for assessment to identify an illness that requires the usage of marijuana, then if the application is granted you'd receive a recommendation letter in your inbox. Once this is done a hard copy will be sent to your physical address within three days. Everything can be done from the back of your computer without you necessarily leaving your house. With a quick search, you can easily find a service to get your medical marijuana card in California

The medical marijuana program was put in place to serve as an administrative and regulatory body, to checkmate excesses that may exist in the processing. It accepts, reviews, approves patient's application and renewals. This body ensures that they reduce the chances and the activities of the shady black market dealers. 

Medical marijuana program helps the state government approve its regulation. The medical marijuana program also regulates its users and also avoids dependency on the drug. These and a couple of reasons is responsible for the thriving of the program.


In this current age and time when registering for your marijuana card can be done online, the aid of technology makes accountability and keeping good database a no brainer. It is this organization that evidently results in a smooth transition. Thus making dispensing and purchasing the drug stress-free.

Lower Costs And Taxes

Most dispensaries across the nation offer lower costs to marijuana cardholders which becomes convenient. Owing to the fact that the medical marijuana program is not yet covered by insurance. Now, imagine the stress that paying high fees would cause to these individuals who need it. Medical marijuana dispensaries offer some deductions while cardholders make a purchase. An example is in Colorado where medical patients avoid the 10% retail marijuana tax and 15% tax that recreational users pay. A similar package can also be found in California.


Medical Marijuana programs give better access to medical marijuana than those accorded to recreational users. A clearly defined process of purchase hasn't been made available to recreational users, and they also have restrictions on the amount that can be found with them. This is not the case with marijuana cardholders as their cards give them a preference to buy off the counter. This also means that they can get the product from an approved dispensary in the state. You can trust the quality of these dispensaries as their products have been thoroughly vetted.

Higher Disburse Volume

Dosage is an important element of bringing healing to the bodies of patients. For instance, a patient with chronic pain needs high strength cannabis to overcome the pain. Whereas recreational dispensaries are constricted to disburse a specific amount. Recreational dispensaries all over mostly have a threshold of 1000 mg of cannabinoids per package of a tincture, whereas medical dispensaries are authorized to dispense up to 2000 mg. 

Growing What They Need

Some states allow patients to plant the amount of marijuana they need. Patients are generally allowed or have the advantage of growing more than those who use it for recreational purposes. A typical example is Oregon, recreational users are allowed up to four plants. While medical users are allowed to grow six plants. 

Legal Backing Guaranteed

Those who use marijuana for health purposes without a marijuana card will land in serious trouble if caught. Punishments include fines and imprisonment. A medical marijuana card gives you immunity and means you're licensed for the use of the compound under the protection of the law.

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