How NBN is Revolutionising the Education Sector

The education sector is improving every single day. With newer and better digital methods sprouting up to deliver education, a fast and reliable internet connection is a must. Thanks to the National Broadband Network (NBN), it is possible to use the newer education methods throughout Australia.


Newer Learning Methodologies

The education sector is gaining a lot of tools to deliver meaningful and equal education students regardless of where they live.

The University of Melbourne uses virtual reality to train surgeons from around the country. The Open Universities Australia (OUA) also focuses on the use of faster internet to deliver education to 43,000 students across the country through correspondence courses. Such institutes require students to have a fast internet connection that NBN delivers using its fibre optic line.

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In 2020, even the NSW Department of Education is set to trial NBN’s Sky Muster Plus Satellite service to deliver the first term of school to six remote NSW homesteads. For learning enthusiasts, the use of cloud technology improves with NBN and so does one-to-one level in real-time with faculties and researchers sitting on the other end of the country or even the world.

NBN for Teachers

The NBN connection can support teachers not only to access a ton of research online but also deliver better, tech-driven education to the students inside the classroom. Using NBN can help in eliminating the use of paper resources and increase the use of the cloud to deliver the data.

Also, using streaming videos and connected devices such as tablets and laptops in the classroom can help implement newer learning methods. Also, a unified broadband network can help schools in Australia to have a strong foundation and share curriculum and lesson plans.

NBN for Students

Students using NBN can benefit from accessing resources and assistance at their fingertips. NBN’s speed is perfect for streaming video tutorials, having a video conferencing call with experts, research projects and much more. It also encourages students to have virtual group meetings, share files, presentations, and receive online assignments from the institute.

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NBN Education Plans

A lot of NBN providers such as Harbour ISP and Tangerine offer customised plans for students and educational institutes. If you are a student sharing space with other students, there are facilities to use NBN plans with multiple ports at a cost-effective rate.

Before you decide on an NBN connection, ensure that the connection is –

  • Reviewed well by people in your locality
  • Offered at a competitive rate
  • Available in monthly or long-term contracts
  • Compatible with your building’s height and power source type

The speed of the NBN connection depends a lot on the provider and the type of connectivity that includes fibre optic, hybrid, wireless, and satellite. But just the idea of having a secure, reliable and fast internet access to students and teachers will make a whole lot of difference how education is delivered and consumed across Australia.

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