Deslide: How to Remove Slideshow from Any Website

Deslide: Do you want to remove the slideshow from a website?  Are you also annoyed of the slideshow on several websites like me? If you are, then don’t worry. Today I will be showing you the best methods to deslide or remove slideshow from website.


Nowadays the slideshows have become very much common in most of the websites. Not just because it enhances the interface but also increases the revenue of the site. I mostly bounce off from such website or deslide it/ remove the slideshow of the website because it seems to be annoying to me.

So overall it is beneficial for the web owner more than the reader because of the irritation caused. And today in this article we will talk about the Best Methods to Deslide/ Deslidify a webpage if it has some content worth reading!

What is Slideshow in Websites?

If you don’t know what a slideshow on a website is, I will tell you about that. The web owners use some plugin or script to break their post in a slideshow on a website that makes the content more understandable. The post contains images, texts, and videos.

So, if you want to read the post containing a slideshow on a website, then you have to click on the next button to see the next slide. That is really annoying.

But why do the website owners do this? Just to increase the Page Views and in turn Revenue. Like if there is a post that is deslidify already or a normal post, then the owner gets a single page view. While on a slideshow they get extra pageview for extra slides.

I normally close the site containing slideshow, but if the content is really awesome and not available anywhere else, then I use some methods to deslide(remove the slideshow) of a website. And here I will be telling you the best methods that you can try to deslide a webpage.

How To Remove Slideshow From Websites – Deslide


So welcome to the best guide to deslide website or remove slideshow from website. Here we have written a guide to remove slideshow from websites in one click. There are many Deslide Tools available online and we have sorted the best ones and added in the list 😛

There are 2 methods to deslide a website. One is desliding using an extension and the other one by a web application. We will learn removing slideshow with extension as well as web application.

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Method 1: Remove Slideshow From Websites Using Web Application.

There are many web applications that will deslide your desired page in a single click. Here we will talk about:

  • ClusterFake
  • PrintFriendly
  • PrintWhatYouLike
  • Slideshow Deslidefier (

These web applications don’t require you to need any technical knowledge. You just need to put your URL in the website and it will deslidify it for you. Let’s see steps on how to deslide the webpage.

Deslide using ClusterFake

ClusterFake is one of the best Web Application to remove the slideshow of websites. This is one of my favorites and easy to use.


Step 1. Copy the URL of the websites that you want to deslide.

Step 2. Now go to the website ClusterFake

Step 3. Enter the URL of the website that you copied in the first step.

Step 4. Select the desired combination that you want for your deslide webpage.

Step 5. Now click on the DESLIDE Button.

Step 6. Boom!! You have successfully removed the slideshow of the website.

Deslide using PrintFriendly

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PrintFriendly is a deslide alternative for ClusterFake that has a very unique UI. Desliding a website has been made really easy using PrintFriendly.

Step 1. Copy the Url of the website that you want to deslide.

Step2. Now go to PrintFriendly

Step 3. Paste the URL of the website in the first box


Step 4. Now click on preview.


Step 5. Boom!! You have deslidfied the website and see it without any slideshow and advertisement.


Deslide using PrintWhatYouLike

PrintWhatYouLike is another deslide alternative like ClusterFake and PrintFriendly. You can easily remove the slideshow of a website if the above two are not working for you.

Step 1. Copy the URL that you want to Deslide.

Step 2. Now go to PrintWhatYouLike.

Step 3. Paste the Url in the box and then wait until the full page is analyzed.

Step 4. Now you can select the specific part that you want to deslidify.


Step 5. Boom!! You have successfully removed the slideshow from websites.

Deslide using Slideshow Deslidefier (

This is another tool to deslide the website that has many slideshows.  You can easily select the size that you want and get the original source.

Step 1. Copy the URL of the website you want to deslidify.

Step 2. Now go to slideshow deslidefier.

Step 3. Now paste the URL in the box.


Step 4. Select the display and then click on Deslide button.



Step 5. Voila, you have successfully removed the slideshow using deslider.

Method 2: Remove Slideshow From Websites Using Extension

If the web apps mentioned above didn’t work for you then you can use the extension as a deslider tool. You can use PageZipper extension to remove the slideshow from websites.

Step 1. First of all, you need to install the PageZipper extension to your browser. You can use the button below to download it.



Step 2. Now just open the Url of the website that has slides and you want to deslidify it.

Step 3. After that, you just have to click on the PageZipper extension and it will automatically merge the slides and you can see the slides very easily.


Step 4. If you want to see the slides again then you can click on the compatibility mode using the drop-down menu in PageZipper extension.

PageZipper extension doesn’t remove the slideshow from website that use javascript. But for others it works like a charm


These are the methods to deslidify or remove slideshow from a website. These methods are personally used by me.

Still, if you haven’t understood any of the steps then feel free to ask in comments. We are always happy to help.  If you get this then please help us by sharing this 😛

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