When You Reset The Router But Forgot The IP, Username Login and Password To Reinstall

In the beautiful day you tried to connect your home wifi but it is so difficult. You don’t know what is happening? Someone said to turn off the router after that. Finally you turn on reset, but at that moment the problem is nobody at your home who remembers the ip address username and password. When you don’t know the way to solve, you will think it is so complicated and feel confused. We are sure that after this article you will not have difficulty in fixing this problem.

How can you discover who is using your wifi and how to knock out them?

You are surfing the web as fast as lightning, then suddenly slowed down significantly. The first thing you should do is check who is using your wifi or not? We will show you the way to check this problem and how to knock out them.

Firstly, check the WiFi signal on the router. You must disconnect all wifi devices in the house (computers, phones, CCTV, smart lights, …), then check the wifi signal on the router. If the light is still flashing, someone is using your wifi.

Example about MAC address

Next, you must find the MAC address of the strange device. You can use these apps and website: 

Paessler PRTG Router Monitoring

The software provides a full range of tools to help users manage the router, including automatic traffic detection, network usage analysis and many other advanced features. You can use this app free for 30 days. Then you will have to pay a fee to continue to use this.

F-Secure Router Checker

This is provided free of charge on the web. To use this, you need to access the website and click “check your router”, then fill in the form with the necessary information and wait a moment to get the result.

Wireless Network Watcher

This software is designed to help Windows and macOS users who want to track suspicious activity, and easily monitor all currently connected devices. 


Another app should be in this list is Fing. This is an application for iOS devices, allowing you to know the list of connected devices, manufacturer name, MAC address, …

Once you have the MAC address of the suspicious device, open your browser and log in to the router configuration page by entering or After finishing login navigate to Advanced settings> Mac Filtering> Enable. Note: This item’s name and location may vary depending on the router you are using. Next, simply paste the MAC address of the strange device into the blank frame, select the method Allow All or Block All, then click Apply Configure to save.

Note, there are some devices that will record this part as Denied or Permit, but the same applies as above.

It’s so easy. Right? We hope now you will feel easy to find who is using your wifi free and block them out. And you can use your wifi so fast because nobody can access and share wifi with you.

How to find the real IP for your modem?

In the case you don’t know about the way to check who is using your wifi while you have turned on reset. We will show you the way to solve this case and you can use your wifi again. One thing important, IP address is the first thing you need to find, then you can login to the router. How to look up the default username and password of the manufacturer?  You need to know your modem device belongs to which company?

Don’t worry, it is not so complicated. Now, just check your modem with us. If your modem device belongs to Viettel, LinkSys, Tenda, D-Link, Huawei và SMARTLINK, TOTOLINK, Yes Telecom, POSTEF, JPLink, you can access to the website https://192-168-i-i.com/. Then login account by Username/password: admin/admin; root/root; admin/password; posted/posted. Hope that your modem is in this list. Now follow the next steps with us.

Every modem need Username and password for login

How to recover your router IP and password?

In the case you turn on reset and you forgot the username and password. And you found the real IP. Let’s start!

Step 1: Nothing is difficult. You just need to use a computer or your smartphone to download the Router’s Default Passwords app.

Step 2: Regarding information you find about your home modem, use it to login on the website https://192-168-i-i.com/. Click on the link for your modem to login with your username and password.

Step 3: After logging in, you need to update your router so that the device can perform the best as well as avoid the unnecessary malfunctions. Once logging in successfully, look around the main menu of the admin panel to find the section for checking and updating the firmware. This section can be named differently depending on the router brand you are using and check the latest version of firmware. If your router has not been updated yet, download and install it following the instructions on the screen and keep it active

In the age of 4.0 internet technology, internet effects on many aspects in your life: connect friends, relatives on social networks, chat for fun, email for work, order food/goods/, book hotel/car/flight ticket… even online dating.

The Internet affects not only daily life, but also the economy, a country’s development… So wifi, internet are indispensable in your life. So that it is necessary for you to be more ready and proactive to solve these matters while you are using the internet at home. 

To know more useful information and interesting topics about the problems, don’t forget to save and login the website https://192-168-i-i.com. You will find articles about the solution you need. Besides that, on this website we also have many other useful information that can help you choose the right internet products for your family.

Lastly, we wish you and your family always have beautiful days to surf quickly, use the wifi useful, and always have fun. See you in the next article!

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