How to Stop GB WhatsApp Users From Seeing Deleted Status?

GB WhatsApp is one of the most popular modded versions of WhatsApp used by over 50 million users. It offers great features like custom themes, higher media sharing limits, and enhanced privacy controls.

However, one concerning downside of GB WhatsApp is that it allows users to view your deleted status updates. Even if you delete a status from your regular WhatsApp account, GB WhatsApp users who have already seen your status can still access it within their app. This could lead to unintended sharing if you posted something private or accidental.

So how can you stop GB WhatsApp users from seeing your deleted statuses? In this comprehensive guide, we will cover different techniques to prevent deleted WhatsApp statuses from being visible to GB WhatsApp contacts. Follow the outlined tips below to take control of your WhatsApp privacy when it comes to ephemeral statuses.

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How to stop GB WhatsApp users from seeing deleted status?

One of the key features of GB WhatsApp is the ability for users to view your deleted statuses. This can be concerning if you shared something accidentally and then deleted it. Here are some tips on how to stop GB WhatsApp users from seeing your deleted WhatsApp statuses.

If GB WhatsApp user has not watched the status yet

If the GB WhatsApp user has not yet viewed your status that you want to delete, there are a few options:

Setting up privacy

hide people from seeing your status

You can set your privacy settings in WhatsApp to exclude the GB WhatsApp user from viewing your status updates. Go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Status and remove the user.

Deleting status

Simply delete the status as normal in WhatsApp. Since the GB WhatsApp user has not seen it yet, deleting it will fully remove the status. It will not be visible if you delete before they view it.

Removing that person

Take the preemptive action of removing the GB WhatsApp user from your contacts list. This will prevent them from seeing current or future statuses you post.

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Blocking that person

You can block the GB WhatsApp user from your contacts. This will stop them from viewing your profile picture, status and other updates.

What to do if GB WhatsApp user has watched your status

If the GB WhatsApp user has already seen your status before you deleted it, you have a couple options:

Ask that person to give his phone to you

Politely ask the GB WhatsApp user to hand over their phone temporarily so you can delete the status directly from their app before they reshare it.

Excuses: last thing you can do

Make an excuse that you shared the status accidentally and request that they please not forward or screenshot it. There is no way to remotely delete a status that has already been viewed, so you can only hope they will comply.

Can GB WhatsApp users see my deleted messages?

No, GB WhatsApp does not allow users to retrieve your deleted messages, only deleted status updates. So your chat history remains private.

Can I see if a GB WhatsApp user views my status?

Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not show status viewers for any users, whether regular WhatsApp or GB WhatsApp. There is no way to detect specifically if a GB WhatsApp user has seen your status.


In summary, preventing GB WhatsApp users from seeing deleted statuses requires proactive privacy settings or deletion before they view your status update.

If they have already seen it, you can only request that they do not share it further. Manage your WhatsApp status sharing carefully keeping these limitations in mind.

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What happens when you delete a WhatsApp status?

On regular WhatsApp, deleting a status removes it completely and other users can no longer view it. But GB WhatsApp users can still see your deleted status if they already watched it before you deleted.

Can I delete a WhatsApp status just for one person?

Unfortunately, when you delete a status, it gets deleted for everyone and can’t be selectively removed for specific people. The only way is to delete it before the person views it.

Is there a way to stop GB WhatsApp from saving deleted statuses?

No, this resurrected status feature is built into GB WhatsApp and can’t be disabled. Your only options are managing your privacy settings proactively or deleting before GB WhatsApp users view your status.

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