8 Useful Tools for Writing Academic Paper

Technology has provided incredible tools for students to use when writing their papers. Some help to organize reference materials while others will assist with formatting. You can also get a custom term paper online to reduce the time taken to complete your paper or help you to focus on other pressing duties. 

Useful Tools for Writing Academic Papers
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The tool to use depends on your current writing stage. It also depends on the assistance you need with your writing. Other tools are specific to a particular discipline or topic. Here are life-changing writing tools that will make your paper writing easier. You can also check out the Best Writing Apps for Teachers from here.

1. Canva

The addition of images and graphics onto a paper makes it more interesting for readers. Since ordinary graphics and image editing apps require advanced skills, Canva has come to provide an alternative. It allows you to add text to an image or create infographics to explain your ideas better.

Canva offers numerous templates to create different image ideas relevant to your paper. The resulting files can be shared on other platforms or printed directly alongside other materials. It helps you to present the most captivating academic paper that captures rich text. 

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2. Evernote

The complex work of writing a dissertation means that at different times you will be working on a different chapter. Data collection and the gathering of references also happen at different timelines. Evernote ensures that all these materials are saved at a central point for easier access. 

Evernote allows you to capture such files as images, videos, text, and info-graphics. The materials can also be synchronized and accessed on different devices. With a search option, retrieving files is made easier. 

3. Grammarly

The quality of your writing makes your ideas compelling and easier to understand. If your paper comes with common errors, the message will be misrepresented or lost. Grammarly helps you to write the most concise paper by eliminating typos and such errors. 

It is installed on word processing software, helping to edit your work as you write. It feels like having an editor checking your work as you write. It comes with basic free features or the option of subscription-based advanced features. 

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4. Dragon Anywhere

A dissertation involves endless pages of writing. The time it takes to complete the paper could result in health complications like back pain or lack of social life. What if you could speak into software that automatically types your works on the word processing platform? This is what Dragon Anywhere does.

Dragon Anywhere is one of the futuristic writing tools because it reduces the time taken to compile a lengthy paper. The app can be used on phone, after which you transfer the materials to your main document. You no longer have to type endlessly to produce a compelling paper. 

5. Dropbox

A corrupted storage disk, damaged laptop, or a gadget that was left at another location could cause you to miss the submission deadline and have to wait another year. What if you could access the paper anywhere and at any time? Dropbox is a cloud storage platform that provides full-time access to your documents. The changes you make to the document will reflect on another gadget when accessing the same document later. It makes it easier to work on your project whenever you find the time. 

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6. Offtime

The time it takes to complete a thesis will depend on your ability to concentrate. The internet is a crucial tool for research but also comes with numerous distractions. Lost concentration dilutes the quality of your discussion and will make the paperless appealing. The distractions also interfere with your thought process. 

Offtime helps you to focus on the task at hand. It blocks programs on your laptop or websites such as social media that may distract you from the paper at hand. It will reduce the time taken to complete the paper besides helping you to deliver a compelling paper. 

7. Cliché Finder

Repetitive words and phrases weaken your arguments. They also make the paper boring to read and could lead to the loss of compelling ideas. Cliché Finder identifies the repeated words for elimination from the paper. It will provide alternatives to enhance the quality of your work. This is an excellent editing tool that helps you to produce precise documents. 

8. Plagiarism Checker

Academic writing has no room for plagiarism. Picking the ideas of other authors will result in disqualification. Your qualification may also be recalled long after graduation. Avoid this trap by using a plagiarism checker. The checker highlights the plagiarized areas and the source websites. It allows you to paraphrase the sentences or present them differently. It is the secret to producing original work.

Most of the theses writing tools are available online for free. A paid package helps you to access the most beneficial advanced features. These tools help you to deliver the most compelling paper in record time. 

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