Top 5 Alexa Skills You Must Have in 2020

Top 5 Alexa Skills

Best Alexa skills: For each and every smart house there is a need for a smart helper.
Whom you can call up to handle all your tasks and it is controlled by your commands.

Alexa is made up and that was so smart and creative that it can handle up functions and tasks on your voice control.
Amazon calls them skills, and these are made to make your daily activities faster and easier.

You can give it controls over gadgets and your home appliances and then operate it with your voice control. To put it differently, you a boss in your own house. And since it got some wonderful abilities it will make your day being a virtual assistant.

So, here at Innovationfunda, we will be sharing with you guys the best 5 Alexa skills you must have in 2019.

Thus, without wasting any more time let us start with the very best skills you need to have from those amounts of

What are Alexa skills?

Your Amazon Echo dot speaker may become your part of the house but without the skills. These skills are a bunch of applications that enables Amazon voice assistant to connect to hardware and software of some other system that helps to perform tasks.

Amazon is currently trying to upgrade the skills every day to join compatible and more new devices services.

5 Best Alexa abilities to try first

You should have an Amazon speaker called Alexa. And somehow you also know that it’s gained over 70,000+ Alexa
skills. We understand, that to get through such a lengthy list of abilities could be daunting for you.

That’s why We’ve researched and founded some of the best 5 Alexa skills, over the world wide web that you must have to test yourself.

Best Alexa Skills 2019

Best Alexa Skills 2019

Here is the list of 5 best Alexa skills you must have-

Skill finder-

Skills that were amazons have got a Unique skill called art finder. It’s essentially a program that can help you to find a skill every day. You can launch it by saying, “Alexa, Open skill finder or you can also start it by stating, “Alexa, tell skill finder to provide me with the skill of this day.

Ask my buddy-

Ask my buddy is another ability that helps you once you are in some want and issue help but you can not get to the phone. You can tell your family and friends about that with single voice control.


With the support of this, you can restrain your all apparatus, gadgets in your property. Like plugs, switches,
lights and fans can be switched on and off with only one command.

Logitech Harmony-

You can remotely access all of your appliances and gadgets with one command. These smart generic Logitech Harmony can allow you to control your devices with just asking, “Alexa”, to launch Netflix, turn on and off your TV. And any of those entertainment systems in your property.


TracR helps you locate your lost devices like phone, tablets with only asking it about your device. If somehow
have lost your phone in your home below the cushions then you can request Alexa to
ring. Your phone will begin ringing loudly. Even if it’s on silent mode so
you’re going to find it easily anywhere in the home.


So, finally, We’ve covered the top 5 Alexa abilities you have to have to begin with the Echo dot. Additionally, I have to inform you that you don’t have to find abilities online every day. You just need to ask ability finder for it. I hope you’ve found the article helpful and guided.

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