Types of Camper Tops or Camper Shells You Can Get for Chevrolet S10

Types of Camper Tops & Shelf

So, you’re looking out for Chevrolet S10 camper shell, or the lid (also called as hard Tonneau cover), but you’d like to remove this without a lot of trouble for occasional loading. It wouldn’t be worth owning one truck if you’re not able to use it like a truck.

Here the good thing is that a lot of renowned truck manufacturers are well versed with the fact that truck owners want the option for removing the lid or shell.

SnugTop Covers

Camper Shells

For a fine Chevrolet S10 camper shell, that would be easy to remove, you can consider SnugTop. This requires the installation of a J-hook style that would work similarly to a clamp-without any drilling.

Another great advantage of this brand would be their tops that adapt well with custom-fit, meaning that shell base rails are contoured fit and are not flat, so you’ll feel shell fitting in place when this has been set in bed. The tops are also available with bulb rubber inbuilt seal along base rail meaning that no seal is there for re-doing upon removal and reinstallation of the shell.

Leer brand top is available with J-hook and rubber seal, although the J-hooks are quite different. A lot of Manufacturers have foam taping that should be installed along base rails for sealing shell to bed.

When the tape isn’t replaced upon shell removal, it leaks after reinstalling it. The shells from different brands weigh between 150 lbs to 200 lbs, depending on the size of your truck.

Pro Tip: Ask for Boards the Shell got Shipped on

One fine tip to consider when removing the shell after purchasing it would be to ask the dealer for boards when the shell got shipped, in such a way if you would like to remove this, the boards can be reused upon setting these on the ground to store.

Typically, these boards are recycled or get tossed, so the dealer doesn’t have any issue while providing these. Remember that different truck shells are now having wrap-rails for custom-fit appearance. These easily get damaged so purchasing shipping boards is quite helpful.

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Removal of Hard Lid Covers

Hard lid covers (the Tonneau covers) are not quite simple to remove. Hard painted matching lid made of fiberglass is quite heavy and depends on style or brand, it can also be quite tricky to take it on and off.

Something like the basic hard Tonneau known as Tonneau Cover or TC lid also weighs around as a lot of shells work the same. These have got construction of thick honeycomb, and despite the saying of company, these are quite heavy.

Simple Removal of Lid

Probably the simplest lid for removal would be black hardcovers, non-painted like Undercover brand. These have lesser weight compared to half of the painted fiberglass cover, but also these are quite strong. These are great fitting and can be installed easily.

It is suggested that the new Tacoma bed cover can be installed simply. Professional installers are also able to get these on in around 15 minutes or in lesser time.

With only 50 lb or less weight taking this off and storing it in the garage only takes 10 minutes and you’ll not need to worry regarding any occurrence of scratches.
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Make Sure to Conduct Proper Research

Vehicle owners must know what fits well with what. For example, The large size Chevy beds 1998 will go well with only 1998, along with a few 99s. Despite having a few changes in style, 2007 is quite different from others.

Only measuring bed will not always remain enough for knowing the used shell that you’re willing to purchase. This is due to most truck beds aren’t tapered, meaning that the trick bed is wide at frontside and narrow at back.

Try it Yourself

Manually setting bed shell is a fine way of determining the proper fit. Always remember that even when the shell has been fit if the rear door doesn’t shut right, or lock or open, what would be the point of having the bed shell.

A few dealers also provide close-out shells as truck beds fit well and get through a lot of changes over five or six years, they would still remain in top inventory that they would love getting rid of.

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Make Enquiries

Remember to make inquiries about important things for Chevrolet S10 camper shell such as warranties, paint inquiries, and finishes for deals that you notice advertised.

Sometimes these shells for S10 can be available at discounted prices, but these are available with a paint warranty of one year, whereas sometimes you also get a lifetime warranty. With Zemotor you can get great deals for the best available Chevrolet S10 camper shell in premium quality.

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