How to Use Dual WhatsApp on Android?

Do you want to learn to use Dual Whatsapp on your Android device? Want two different WhatsApp account, one for your professional life and another one for personal life? If that’s what you have been looking for on Google or another similar search engine then you are at the right place. Here at TechnoCrator, we will tell you that how you can Download and Use Dual WhatsApp on Android.


WhatsApp has been ruling the messaging market from a long back. Over the past few years, especially after it was acquired by Facebook, it has seen tremendous growth and maybe Facebook had identified the future potential power of WhatsApp and that’s probably the reason, they bought it. The instant messaging platform has been making the lives of people easy in terms of communication and it’s acting as a bridge to bring friends and family together!

If you have a large list of WhatsApp contacts then you may like to differentiate them. A lot of people are troubled with their work colleagues or bosses messaging them on their WhatsApp during non-office hours when they are busy chatting with someone personal. So for such situations, most wish for dual Whatsapp accounts and trust me, running two WhatsApp accounts on one phone is a lot simple. Just follow the below guide and you are good to go! However, always remain vigilant as there are people out there who know how to hack WhatsApp and might use it to their advantage.

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Many of the Android smartphones these days come with the feature known as App Clone or Dual Apps. The name may vary, but it will be somewhat similar to this. Generally, the major Chinese and few others brands like Xiaomi, LG, Samsung, etc have this feature in their Android devices. To run dual Whatsapp, you need to have this feature or an app that provides the same kind of feature. Also, don’t forget that you would need dual SIMs in your phone.

Method 1:

1) (Skip the step if you have already done it) Download WhatsApp from a reliable source and register using your phone number.

2) Head to your phone settings and scroll to Dual Apps / Clone App and click on it.

3) A few list of apps would be presented in front of your eyes which can be cloned. Look for WhatsApp, tap on it and click on Install.

4) Set up everything and open the secondary WhatsApp account.

5) Continue the process by agreeing to the policies and allowing the necessary permissions.

6) Lastly, register using your fresh and secondary number.

7) If you have successfully followed the above steps then you can easily start running dual Whatsapp on your Android device for free.

Second Method : Using A Third Party App

Generally, some smartphones out there don’t have the Dual App as an inbuilt feature or function and in such cases, one may take the help of a third party app to fulfill the task. There’s an app, named Parallel Space which is quite popular and can get your work done pretty easily of running two WhatsApp on one single Android device.

Sometimes Parallel Space doesnt work in some of the smartphones. In such cases, you can download gbwhatsapp, to run two whatsapp account in android phone at the same time.


Frequently Asked Questions :

1) Are the above methods safe to use?

Ans :  From the above two methods, the first method is totally safe to use as the Dual Apps/App Clone is a feature of the company itself whose smartphone you maybe owning. Regrading the second method, which is the usage of a third party app, it depends upon which app you are using. If you are using a trusted and authentic Google Play Store listed app like Parallel Space then you can be assured that you are doing everything safe.

2) Will WhatsApp ban me for running two WhatsApp accounts on one device?

Ans : As per our knowledge, till you are doing things correctly, there shouldn’t be any issue and there are likely any chances of any of your WhatsApp account getting banned.

Conclusion :

We hope that the article would have given you an idea on how to run dual Whatsapp on your Android device. If you have any doubts, feel free to share in the comments below and also don’t forget to share the article with your friends.

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