Why do You Need a TV?

The television is dead; long live the computers! Are the TVs actually outdated or do they still have a chance to take place in the people’s hearts and dwellings? By the way, if the Internet hasn’t swallowed you yet and classic entertainments are still all the rage, compare TVs to choose the most advanced model. Other skeptics can keep reading and decide “to buy or not to buy” a new TV.

Modern Television – Achievements and Limitations

Why is TV Important

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Some decades ago, people lacked sources of information and were happy to have a cool TV at home with nothing more than several channels. Weather forecasts, news, soap operas – nobody cared about a little choice of programs. Not a big deal when one could go to the home theatre to see the latest blockbuster.

The current television offers great packages with hundreds of channels for all tastes and ages. However, customers are not satisfied with their collections. Well, that makes sense because, as a rule, we hardly need half of the channels within a package. The people are still limited in their preferences because they can’t select channels to create the individual package. No provider allows taking this liberty.

Another questionable television’s spec is the necessity to pay for watching TV, in particular, streaming channels. Why should I waste money on the TV when everything is available on the Web for free? Moreover, now there’s no need to wait for a hit and subscribe paid streaming platforms while one can rent tons of movies from numerous websites online and watch them on the laptop, desktop or mobile devices without a fast Internet connection to broadcast them effectively.

Monitors vs TV Screens

First, let’s deal with the issue in terms of health. It’s not so harmful to eyes to watch something on a large TV screen than on a less than average computer tiny mobile displays. However, it’s said that monitors have overtaken TVs. Are they actually able to replace TV screens? – Not exactly. There’s a huge difference between them.

  • A single TV screen is enough to play games, connect it with a computer or a phone, and enjoy cable and DTH stuff.
  • Even the largest monitor is smaller than modern big-screen TVs. Some HDTVs reach 50 inches while monitors are usually not over 30 inches. It’s crucial when dealing with movies. Only a TV can immerse the spectators into action as long as it’s a component of the home theatre system.
  • Both monitors and TVs come with speakers onboard, but TV speakers have a decent sound while speakers for computer need external amps.
  • HDTVs boast greater connectivity – they have buttons to toggle between separate input ports. The number of connections depends on the model. Some advanced units come with analog SCART, component, and composite inputs.

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However, monitors are a wise solution when there’s a lack of space in the room. They also come in handy when the user focuses on work but not entertainments. Those avid gamers that prefer gaming should think of a monitor too because it has low-response times to avoid blurring and ghosting. A TV, for its part, does much of signal processing and delays the signal before it appears on the screen.

Some TV Features that are Indispensable

Certainly, watching TV is a convenient way of accessing media, movies, TV shows, etc. However, neither computer monitors nor laptops and mobile devices can create a certain atmosphere. Whether we’re going to enjoy movie within a family, play video games or watch the World Cup with friends, only TVs are able to gather the dearest people together in front of its screen.

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